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Business Tech Support

Whether you have a few computers or multiple offices and require business grade support for your Small Business Server - we can help! Our staff are very experienced in looking after businesses - and we would love to hear from you

Home Tech Support

Need help with your home PC or Mac? We are your one stop shop for all repairs, upgrades or customisation. You can bring your computer to us or we can send one of our trusty, reliable techs out to your home.

Custom Built Computers

We design and build custom PC's specific to your needs. Into gaming and want to decimate all? No problem - we are gamers so we know what you need. Graphic designer? Or into editing videos ? Again - no problem... we can create a PC thats right for your needs.

Website Design

We specialise in websites for small to medium businesses at a price you can afford. Not convinced? Just take a look around this website - we made it ourselves :)


We aren't ashamed to admit it - we are a bit nerdy! We love *most* technical gadgets and gizmos. From tablet computers, to smart phones, to computers and websites - we love it all.

Latest News

  • 28/08/2013in Tech

    How to manage your inbox

    Managing your inbox effectively can be a skill developed over years and years of practice. If you run a business then you need easy, quick and effective tactics for managing your inbox. Read on to learn a few ideas that could help make your day to day email management a breeze!   Your inbox is...
  • 28/08/2013in Tech

    Hard Drive Failure – Did you know its super common?

    In our line of work we see dead hard drives quite regularly but last week was a bad week for an unusually high number of people. We saw so many hard drive failures last week we began to wonder if there was something in the air! We have put together this article to explain the...