About Maleny Computers
Maleny Computers began its life more than 10 years ago. Since that time, it has been through several changes in ownership and a change in location.

Now it is a family owned business in a new location at the top of Maple Street (opposite the Police Station).

Owner/Managers Tara and Daniel pride themselves on offering a service that always goes one step further! Their motto is that wherever possible, “do it once and do it properly”. By purchasing quality products at a competitive price, you should be able to get the longest life from your IT equipment.


Daniel Moodie

Business Owner & Lead Tech

Daniel has more than 10 years of skilled experience working for IT divisions in larger organisations. Having worked for many years in environments where there is ‘no such thing as too many backups’, he is the expert when it comes to creating data redundancy within your organisation.

“In our experience, there are two types of people in life – the ones who have lost data before, and the ones who are going to one day lose it,” Daniel says. “It can seem costly to implement a comprehensive backup solution – but you should ask yourself what your data is worth to you or your business?”


Tara Smithyman

Tech Angel!

Tara assists with the day to day management of the business while also running our web division – Ignite Digital Marketing. She is often called on to ‘translate’ the techno-gibberish into plain language that anyone can understand.

Having an understanding of both sides helps me to explain complex technical repairs or solutions to customers in plain every day language that they can understand and relate to

Our Team Members
Andrew Sybenga

Andrew is the virus removal expert! Even when all seems lost he can usually get a computer back up and running with minimal disruption to the client. He is also our resident Apple trained and certified technician. He can often be found with computers in various stages of dis-assembly or repair.

James Moodie

Daniels younger brother - and resident Gaming Expert! If you need to know anything about gaming or custom built gaming computers - James has the answers. James also configures and builds specialist computers for customers who use them for flight simulators, CAD design, graphic design, video editing/rendering and so much more!